About Me


Andy reportingDSC_0841bI’m a 32-year-old journalist who works for The Herald-Palladium as the features editor. My schooling is in news writing, but I have come to appreciate all different ways of telling the news – through story placement, graphics, alternate formats and page design.

I am one of three children born to an electrician and a stay-at-home mom turned grade school teacher. I grew up on a farm in the southwest corner of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. I love the country, but I have learned to enjoy the niceties of city life, too. I attended elementary and high school in Michigan before moving to Minneapolis to study journalism at the University of Minnesota. From there, I honed my skills at a weekly newspaper in Wisconsin Dells, before moving home. As a child, I pulled weeds and drove tractors on the farm, but I also learned how to tickle the ivories and compete in organized sports.

Now, I am a husband and a father. During the rare times I’m not working, I’m usually blogging about my kids or working in my Etsy shop. I also enjoy fishing, playing sports, watching TV, reading the newspaper, taking pictures, playing with my children, going for walks with my wife and writing … when I have the time.


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